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Paul Ostwald

Paul Ostwald recently graduated from Oxford University in Philosophy, Politics and Economics and is founding co-editor of the "Journal of Interrupted Studies, a peer-reviewed academic journal that publishes the work of scholars whose work was interrupted by forced migration. He joined Save Liberal Democracy as editor in 2017.

Keep calm and carry on

by Paul Ostwald

In early June, a poll conducted by the British research institute Opinium suggested that a majority of British voters would support Nigel Farage’s anti-EU “Brexit Party”. With 26 per cent, it would defeat both Labour (22%) and the Conservatives (17%). For the first time in recent history, a third party could carry the vote.  

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Polarization and centrism: Finding a new mean

In his Op-Ed, Paul Ostwald argues that the US and German political culture suffered from opposite evils: While polarization threatened to rip apart the US, an excessive centrism paralysed Germany. But while there is little movement in the US, Germany might have found a way out of the impasse. 

Exactly ten years ago, Angela Merkel’s Conservatives adopted a new “Grundsatzprogramm” that set out the party’s take on the coming twenty years. In it, Merkel claimed the political middle ground for her party, telling her cheering followers that, “here is the political centre, and that’s where we will be in the years to come”.

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“We need to foster a politically active generation in both Russia and the US”

Vitali Shkliarov advised the campaign of Bernie Sanders during the 2016 US Democratic Party primaries, now he’s supporting first-time candidates campaign in Moscow’s local council elections. At the forefront of Russia’s growing oppositional movement, he’s not only made himself friends. 

Save Liberal Democracy: You worked with Bernie Sanders in the last US-presidential election campaign. Why did Trump end up winning, despite the enthusiastic campaign of Bernie Sanders in the democratic primaries?

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Why Free Speech Failed in Charlottesville

by Timothy Lam

The US conception of free speech knows almost no boundaries. Charlottesville, argues Timothy Lam, shows how extreme forces misuse these liberties to silence others. And to change that, the US should learn from the German experience. 

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“Regionalism is not an expression of strong nationalism”

Robert Menasse is an Austrian author and public intellectual. His latest novel “Die Hauptstadt” was nominated for the German Book Price. 

Save Liberal Democracy: You’re a kind of “in-house intellectual” in Brussels, where the “House of European History” recently opened. What is European historicity?

Menasse: Before we start I have to refute the label “Brussel’s in-house intellectual”! An intellectual always defines him- or herself as a critical institution and the current state of the European Union definitely demands a lot of criticism, especially from those who support the European Idea.

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Rethinking democratic chess games

In this op-ed, Save Liberal Democracy editor Paul Ostwald discusses whether the ancient democratic system of sortition might provide an avenue to improve liberal democracies around the world. He recently graduated from Oxford University. 

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