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Donald Trump and the battle for the American nation

by Alexander Görlach

The upcoming census has caused turmoil in the US since President Trump requested a question be added to the questionnaire about the nationality of those surveyed. At first glance, it seems legitimate. After all, in Germany wee also want to know where the people who live here and have residence status come from.

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The Philosopher’s Revolution

By Justine Kolata

Justine Kolata received her BA from Yale University in philosophy and her MPhil from The University of Cambridge in politics. She is currently pursuing a PhD in German Philosophy at The University of Cambridge on enlightenment salon culture and conceptions of “a beautiful soul” in the philosophy of Goethe and Schiller. She is founder and director of The Public Sphere, a cultural organization that works to revive Enlightenment salon culture and strengthen structures of participatory democracy. She is also co-founder and co-director of The Bildung Institute, an Institute which teaches the art of self-cultivation through ideas, culture, music, and the arts.

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