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Populists taking the regions hostage. It’s the new nationalism of the Right

by Alexander Görlach

Italy is increasingly distancing itself from the European Union. Once a proud founding member of the EU, the country’s new left-right populist government is already preparing itself to blame the coming economic disaster on Brussels. Matteo Salvini, now leader of the racist Lega-Nord, entered politics demanding Northern Italian independence from the less affluent south of the country. Now he claims that foreign powers are trying to destabilize the country and that they are willing to bet against Italy on the financial markets.

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Merkel’s Greatest Challenge

by Annabelle Luecker

Over the last few weeks, there has been much talk from numerous political commentators as well as spectators regarding the extent to which the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, has been hit by the political consequences of the Refugee Crisis.

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What to believe and what not?

by Julia Soleveva

Religions are bound by their own narratives of identity. very often they are challenged by different interpretations of social questions. Christianity nowadays, however, is debating one question, that defined and will define its very core of identity: did Jesus really rise from the dead?

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We will master the challenges of Artificial Intelligence

by Andrii Zahorodnii

Will AI take over the planet and destroy humankind or will it be to the best of men? All sorts of wild theories are out there. Time to check what really is to be expected from this next wave of technological development.

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A new hope for Mexico?

by Adam Wiaktor

On July 1st Mexico will elect a new president. As the polls indicate these days the winner’s name will be Andres Manuel López Obrador. His critics see in him a populist who will ultimately destroy Mexican democracy. Let’s try to make the case for the man.

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Partnership between European Horizons and Save Liberal Democracy

European Horizons and Save Liberal Democracy are happy to announce a partnership. Selected members of this distinguished think tank will contribute to the editorials published at SLD. Founded at Yale University in 2016, European Horizons has more than 60 chapters at universities throughout Europe and the United States.

Turkey is not a lost cause

by Alexander Görlach

The significant minority of Turks who didn’t vote for Mr Erdogan have almost become invisible to the rest of the world. But they haven’t vanished.

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Odi et Amo: Disappointment and the Politics of the Heart from Berlusconi to Trump

by Pietro Galeone

Many look to Italy as the next big electoral riddle to crack. With national elections coming up on March 4th and a political arena as fragmented as rarely before, the outcome is far from predictable.

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Democracy is at existential risk

by Stella Liu

One of the great mistakes made by many observers of history is a mistaken belief in inevitability. People, when talking about the development of institutions over time, like to think that events could not have happened any other way and that the trend will continue indefinitely.

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