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Democracy is at existential risk

by Stella Liu

One of the great mistakes made by many observers of history is a mistaken belief in inevitability. People, when talking about the development of institutions over time, like to think that events could not have happened any other way and that the trend will continue indefinitely.

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Talk is cheap and Macron is waiting

by Clemens Lukitsch

The French president Emmanuel Macron gets a lot of commendation these days. Liberals, conservatives and social democrats all praise the charismatic politician – but for different reasons.

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The idea of death in Russian poetry of the 20th century

by Egor Sychugov

Death is the only concept in the existence of humans that limits their supremacy over na-ture. Human life is valuable only because of death, just as time is valuable only when lim-ited. The presence of inevitable end extols the beginning, and death, ultimately taking everyone, is a kind of measure of reality for people — if there was no death, there would be no life, but only existence in time that we would not be able to sense.

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A liberal democracy doesn’t just fall from the sky

by Alexander Görlach

The West appears to face its end. After seventy years of hegemony, a fundamental opposition carries the day in countless places. This opposition stands in stark denial of the core principles of citizenship and social liberties, which the West brought: tolerance of religious minorities, equality of man and women, free speech and openness to the variance of life-paths. Regarding the relations between peoples and nations, it’s “us first” again – from the US to Catalonia. Cosmopolitan thinking, which thinks of politics as a solution to global quests, is ridiculed.

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“The United Nations should punish China for keep violating human rights”

Interview with Eeling Chiu

Being a human rights activist, Eeling Chiu was active in supporting Lee Ming-che, the first Taiwanese being sentenced to prison in the People’s Republic of China for allegedly engaging in activities against the state. SLD spoke to Eeling about the case of Lee Ming-che and human rights in China.

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Populism is here to stay

A conversation with Martin Eiermann 

The rise of populism in Europe is not a fad, as Berkeley’s Martin Eiermann claims in a recent study on voting trends, conducted with Yascha Mounk and Limor Gultchin for the Tony Blair Institute. Their data shows that right-wing extremism has already changed Europe’s political landscape — and it is here to stay.

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To fix the divide, first we all must serve

by Signe Janoska-Bedi

Clashes in Charlottesville, Virginia, this past summer indicated a deep discord in American social identity but provided few immediate clues as to a solution. More specifically, the riots showed Americans that our increasingly inclusive society – certainly not yet inclusive enough – is under threat. Today’s level of political and social polarization reminds us of the Antebellum South, in context if not intensity.

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The role of the transatlantic millennial

by Kyle Shishkin and Nick Romanoff

Instead of a narrative that opposes the union in pursuit of nationalistic sentiments, there is a need for a narrative that strives to improve the current union, one focused on maintaining the stability and peace that is so easy to take for granted, Shishkin and Romanoff argue.

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What Roy Moore’s Loss Means

By Joseph Hammond

Former Alabama Supreme Court Justice Roy Moore was defeated this week in a special election by incoming Democratic rival Doug Jones. For the Democrats it was a  chance to turn the tide against President Trump and also to test strategies and candidates for future elections. Most notably New Jersey Senator Corey Booker.

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